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Stand Up Paddle


Surf'Sup has a different proposal than most SUP schools. We offer Stand Up Paddle tours. We take you to paddle on distant beaches, lagoons and canals of the Rio de Janeiro. You can check out new places every time you paddle.



Students will learn the basic techniques of paddling and steering the board, as well as correct posture and positioning. Classes can be scheduled at any of our destinations.




For the tourist, we offer shuttle service to the location of the paddle and will also give you other tips on Rio such as a good restaurant or a dip in the waterfall after paddling. We love Rio de Janeiro and we want to show it to you through our eyes.







Enjoy paddling in one of the most magical places of Rio de Janeiro, the Guaratiba mangroves. We have partnerships with hotels, and several restaurants here known for their wonderful seafood dishes.  An ideal outing Guaratiba can consist of a paddle through the mangrove, lunch, a massage and drinks late afternoon. You can also visit Sitio Burle Marx or a take a boat trip to the Isle of Palms in Grumari.

Praia dos Amores



How about paddling in the calm waters of the Barra canal with an incredible view of the Pedra da Gávea? Perfect for lessons and tours the Barra Canal offers good conditions almost daily since you're always protected from the waves.

Tijucas​ Islands



This tour lasts about 3 hours, 45 minutes  paddling to the islands, an hour and a half aboard the island (snorkelling, jumps, snack and rest), 40 minutes of easy paddling back to the beach.


This tour is for experienced paddlers only.



Come glide over the emerald green waters in the vicinity of Sugarloaf. You can't miss this wonderful tour that can go left towards the beach of Botafogo, or right toward Leme Beach. Finish the day at Bar Urca, enjoying more of this wonderful neighborhood.



Have you ever thought about enjoying an amazing sunset in the middle of the ocean with some good company?

Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas



The sensation of paddling on such calm waters is indescribable. From the lagoon we can see the Crist Redeemer, The Two Brothers Peak, the Gávea Rock, and the Cantagalo hills.